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Gripforce Smashes +100,000 eBay Feedback

Its not everyday someone can say they topped one thousand feedback comments on any platform, let alone one hundred times more

We would like to thank all our buyers for helping us achieve this milestone. Thank you.

How to Pick the Correct Clutch for your Car

By far the most common question we get here at Gripforce.com is whether a certain part fits a certain car. And here is the easiest way to be 100% sure that it is:

Step 1: Find your car's VIN number.

A vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique-to-your-car 17-digit number. This is available in several places in your car, but the most accessible one by far is the driver-side door jamb. Also, in many states it will be in your car's registration.


Step 2: Decode Your Car's VIN Number.

The VIN number contains clues as to your car's make, model, trim and specs. Once open a time, car guys had to remember how to decode them. Today, it is the age of the internet and there are several online tools, such as this one that will decode your VIN for you.


Step 3: Match Up your Car's Info with Our Vehicle Selection Tool.

The info you get from the VIN decoder will look like this:


You have to match up your vehicle's Make, Model, Year and Engine to our Vehicle Selection Tool:

Thank you for making the new Gripforce.com a resounding success

When we creating Gripforce.com, our vision for the site was a place where everyone, regardless of automotive knowledge, could find all the clutch that fit their car and compare them quickly and efficiently.

The process of creating a catalog system that would separate the products into make, model, year, engine and in some cases product type and then cataloging all the products was an ardous one. So, was creating the vehicle lookup that it uses. But in the end all of this effort was worth it as you help make Gripforce.com the Number 1 Ecommerce Website for Clutches and Clutch Accessories.

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